A bowl of mayo with basil leaves
Can You Make Mayonnaise Without Adding Eggs?
Eggs, specifically their yolks, are seen as essential ingredients in mayonnaise because their lecithin content acts as an emulsifier, binding water and oil into a creamy sauce.
While eggs also contribute to the creamy texture and rich flavor of mayonnaise, it is possible to make an egg-free mayo for vegans and those with dietary restrictions or allergies.
Aquafaba (chickpea water) and soy milk are excellent emulsifiers, making them ideal egg replacements. Raw, unsalted cashews also work well but require soaking and blending.
Silken tofu is another base that can be used instead of eggs, as its soft, smooth, and fluffy puree emulsifies excellently with oil. Plain white bread with water is also an option.
Roasted eggplants, beans, artichokes, and spinach can also be used as the base for egg-free mayo but may require additional lecithin powder for the mayo to emulsify properly.