Chocolate layer cake with chocolate frosting.
Butter Is The Secret To Improving Store-Bought Frosting

There are many ways to improve canned frosting to boost its flavor and texture, and one of the most delicious involves adding just one extra ingredient: butter.

The dairy add-in makes buttercream taste more buttery and seem homemade. It also helps tone down the overpowering sweetness that some store-bought frostings can have.

If you add a small amount, beat the butter into the canned frosting. For a larger amount, whip the butter in a bowl first before whipping in a can of frosting.

If you’re using unsalted butter, try adding a pinch of salt to enhance the flavor and cut down the sweetness of the canned frosting.

If you're using two sticks of butter, use one salted and one unsalted to get the same effect. Use regular butter rather than sweet cream butter for a rich, balanced flavor.