A Boston cream pie with a slice cut from it
Boston Cream Pie Is The Reason Chocolate Became A Dessert
Until it was first used in a dessert in the mid-19th century, cocoa was consumed only as a drink. Since then, it has evolved into multiple forms and become a beloved global treat.
The first chocolate dessert was created in 1855 by Sanzian, a French chef at Boston's Parker House Hotel. He poured glossy chocolate on top of a traditional English cream cake.

The dessert became known as Boston cream pie. From then on, chocolate began appearing in various forms, eventually leading to delights like brownies and chocolate layer cake.

Chocolate arrived in the U.S. in 1641, but was already long-known to the ancient Mayans and Aztecs as a beverage. It continued to be consumed only in liquid form for many decades.
Early solid chocolate had a coarse, gritty texture. Swiss chocolatier Rudolf Lindt invented the conch machine in 1879, which churned chocolate into a delectable creamy consistency.