Celebrity chef Bobby Flay.
Bobby Flay's Easy Go-To Oatmeal

Celebrity chef Bobby Flay starts with a simple bowl of steel-cut oatmeal when he’s craving comfort food. Flay has a specific way of cooking to achieve his ideal texture.

Typically, steel-cut oatmeal takes about 10 to 20 minutes to cook. To cut down on time, Flay preps his breakfast the night before and allows it to boil on the stovetop for about a minute.

Flay leaves the oats in the water to soften, then finishes in the morning. The USDA recommends storing partially cooked food in the fridge to minimize the risk of bacteria.

Once cooked, Flay adds some extra flavoring to the dish. He mixes in a bit of honey or maple syrup and slices up some fresh fruit to top off the bowl.

To pack in even more flavor, Flay uses some spices to amp up the dish, adding a dash of cinnamon, nutmeg, or cloves. He also uses a little bit of salt to cut through the sweetness.

Flay pairs it with some Greek yogurt. The protein-packed dairy product can add extra vitamins and nutrients, along with some extra creaminess.