Bobby Flay smiling
Bobby Flay's Answer To The Charcoal Vs Gas Grill Debate

There is some debate over whether charcoal or gas grills are the superior option. Celebrity chef Bobby Flay is a passionate proponent of charcoal grills.

Flay gravitates towards charcoal for the pronounced grill flavor it adds. As charcoal burns under the grates, it infuses foods with a smoky, charred taste.

Charcoal grills let him adjust the range of smoky flavor. For veggies, he keeps the lid open, but for steaks, he closes the lid and traps the smoke in.

Charcoal grills can also cook things at different temperatures. High heat areas are used to add a defined sear to foods, then lower heat areas finish cooking them a little slower.

Because of this, charcoal grills may require a little extra preheating time compared to gas grills. However, that convenience comes at a cost; gas grills are usually more expensive.