Chef Bobby Flay speaking.
Bobby Flay Reveals His Favorite Pizza Spots In NYC

In a TikTok video, chef Bobby Flay singles out his favorite pizzerias in New York and one in Jersey City. Bobby Flay heads to Joe's Pizza for classic, New York-style pizza.

Another of Flay's favorites, Scarr's, sits just outside Chinatown. Aside from its extensive pizza and appetizer menu, you can purchase DIY ingredients for your own kitchen.

Flay has been most frequently enjoying L'Industrie in the West Village, which has toppings ranging from prosciutto di Parma and fresh burrata cheese to Italian ham.

In Brooklyn, Flay likes Lucali, a BYOB, cash-only joint that offers limited toppings and calzones, and Fini, which makes community betterment a priority.

Another favorite of Flay's on the Lower East Side of Manhattan is Una Pizza Napoletana. Flay says it has "the best Naples-style pizza on this side of Naples."

Flay also heads across the Hudson River to Razza in Jersey City. Flay boldly states, "It might be some of the best pizza I've ever had in my life. Period."