Bobby Flay smiling
Bobby Flay Feels Constant Inspiration From These 2 Celebrity Chefs
Many of our favorite celebrity chefs owe their careers to inspiration from fellow culinary figures. Food Network's Bobby Flay cites Julia Child and Ina Garten as major influences.
Child is credited with popularizing French cuisine in the U.S. Flay first encountered her as a student at The French Culinary Institute of America and she continues to inspire him.
Flay’s Las Vegas restaurant, Brasserie B, features French onion soup, which has the feel of a Child recipe, and Sole meunière, the dish that sparked her passion for French cuisine.
Garten’s simple yet flavorful dishes are much admired by Flay. Her roast chicken, which he used as inspiration for his home cooking during the pandemic, is a particular favorite.
Despite his own reputation, Flay humorously admits he wouldn't win against Ina Garten on "Beat Bobby Flay," citing her culinary mastery and affectionately calling her "the queen."