The barraquito cocktail.
Barraquito Is The Tropical Cocktail That Espresso Martini Lovers Crave

The caffeine-centric barraquito is made with espresso, Licor 43, condensed milk, frothy whole milk, lemon peel, and a hefty dash of cinnamon.

The barraquito has a lower ABV than an espresso martini. The only alcohol in the drink is the vanilla-flavored Licor 43, a Spanish liqueur that has an alcohol percentage of 31 percent.

The drink incorporates frothed whole milk, and each ingredient is added in a specific order to produce a layered final product.

First comes the condensed milk, then a shot of Licor 43, then a shot of espresso, and finally the frothed whole milk tops it all off.

For espresso martini lovers who want something a little less alcoholic to warm their bellies, a barraquito is the perfect option.