A hamburger with toppings.
Baking Soda Is The Secret To Way Better Hamburgers

Mixing ground meat with baking soda can result in a juicier, more tender hamburger. It all has to do with how sodium bicarbonate reacts with the protein molecules.

Sodium bicarbonate raises the pH level of the ingredients they come into contact with. In the context of ground meat, baking soda lowers the acidity of the protein molecules.

This keeps them from wringing out moisture when cooked. That means burgers won't release much juice as they sear in the skillet or grill, which keeps them intact inside.

Bicarbonate activates when it comes in contact with acid but needs time to work into ground meat. Rest your patties for 15 minutes after mixing with baking soda.

When you’re ready to tenderize your burgers, sprinkle baking soda directly into the ground meat. A generous sprinkle with your fingertips typically does the trick as well.