Anthony Bourdain smiling
Anthony Bourdain Thinks This Chain Is 'Better Than The French Laundry'
Anthony Bourdain, the renowned chef and television star, controversially claimed to enjoy Waffle House restaurants more than the famous Michelin-starred eatery, The French Laundry.
Bourdain shared his enthusiasm for Waffle House during an episode of his show "Parts Unknown," saying it made him feel "drawn right to the center of what makes our country great."
The episode, filmed in Charleston, South Carolina, featured chef and food enthusiast Sean Brock, who had a longstanding affinity for Waffle House and suggested they pay it a visit.
At Waffle House, Bourdain sampled an array of dishes including pecan waffles, a cheesy patty melt on thick-cut bread, eggs, hash browns, salad, pork chops, and a T-bone steak.
The French Laundry featured in Season 1 of Bourdain’s first series, "A Cook's Tour." He enjoyed a 20-course menu and was delighted by chef Thomas Keller’s exquisite French cuisine.