Anthony Bourdain posing for a photo with Asia Argento.
Anthony Bourdain Lived By The 'Grandma Rule' When Traveling Abroad
Chef Anthony Bourdain had the best advice for finding great restaurants in any city and many other food rules he swore by when traveling, including the so-called “Grandma Rule.”
In his memoir, “Medium Raw: A Bloody Valentine to the World of Food and the People Who Cook,” Bourdain expounded on the idea.
He wrote, “You may not like Grandma's Thanksgiving turkey. It may be overcooked and dry [...] But it is ‘Grandma's Turkey.’ And you are in Grandma's house.”
He continued, “So shut the eff up and eat it. And afterwards say, ‘Thank you Grandma, why yes, yes of course I'd love seconds.’”
Though there were some foods he hated with a passion, Anthony Bourdain lived by his own rule and courteously accepted whatever local delicacies were offered to him.
He believed that shared food was a conversation between guest and host, and the act of sharing a meal provides insight into an individual's life and what brings them joy.