Anthony Bourdain speaking while wearing a mic
Anthony Bourdain Hated These Buns For Burgers
Anthony Bourdain, renowned chef, author, and TV presenter, hated burgers being served in brioche buns due to the dough’s taste, texture, and inability to hold the burger together.
Brioche dough is enriched with butter, eggs, and cream, giving the buns a cake-like quality that some find appealing. Brioche buns have become popular burger buns in recent years.
Bourdain reviled them because of their tendency to crumble and disintegrate under the weight and juiciness of a burger. He also disliked their sweetness and additional fat content.
Burger buns should be soft to allow easy biting through, yet sturdy enough to absorb excess grease. Bourdain’s favorite bun was the robust and neutrally-flavored potato bun.