Anthony Bourdain smiling and leaning on counter
Anthony Bourdain Discovered The Best Cheesesteak A Few Miles From Philadelphia
Philadelphia may be known to produce the best cheesesteaks, but the late chef Anthony Bourdain believed what Philly does best may be done even better just across the bridge.
As Bourdain once shared on his show "Parts Unknown," the home of the purported best cheesesteak in the area resides in New Jersey, rather than Pennsylvania.
The cheesesteak can be found at Donkey's Place in Camden, New Jersey. Opened over 75 years ago, the quaint sandwich shop has a small menu but offers the quintessential cheesesteak.
Bourdain wasn't the only one who thought Donkey's Jersey spin on the cheesesteak might be better. It's been called "the best cheesesteak in the country" by the New York Post, too.
Donkey’s version consists of grilled steak, seasoned fried onions, and white American cheese served on a round poppyseed Kaiser roll, and it’s the bread that makes the difference.
Per Bourdain, the sandwich "should be a national landmark." It comes regular, spicy, or with pickled tomato, and you can sub in Cheez Whiz or add extra meat, cheese, or onions.