Collard greens with bacon
An Easy Water Swap Boosts The Flavor Of Bitter Greens
Collard greens are nutritious and versatile, like their relatives kale and broccoli. Popular in diverse cuisines from East Africa to American soul food, they pack a healthy punch.
More fibrous and bitter than kale, collard greens contain glucosinolates. These bitter-tasting compounds dissolve in water, which is why blanching improves the vegetable’s flavor.
Blanching the greens in vegetable, chicken, or beef broth further enhances the taste. A more flavorsome option is to use beer, such as smoked stout, amber ale, or IPA.
Prior to cooking collard greens, be sure to remove their tough stems and thoroughly scrub each leaf, then rinse them under running water to remove any residual dirt or insects.
As for seasoning, collard greens pair well with ham hocks, smoked turkey, or peppers. Enhance with garlic, herbs, vinegar, or Cajun spices, simmering for 2-3 hours to meld flavors.