Alton Brown smiling
Alton Brown's Wildly Cool Technique For Removing Watermelon Rinds

In a video posted on his YouTube channel, chef Alton Brown shows the efficient use of a wire cheese slicer — with the wheel part removed — to cut the rind off watermelon rounds.

Start by cutting your watermelon into rounds using a large knife. Then, on one of these rounds, make a small incision from the edge of the rind to the start of the pink fruit.

The cut will act as an entry point for the slicer, so you can just turn the watermelon round on its side and run the cheese slicer around the fruit until the entire rind comes off.

Removing a watermelon rind with a knife leaves your slices with ragged edges as you guide the sharp blade around the watermelon.

However, Brown's hack is faster and easier than using a knife. It yields slices without jagged edges and ensures no rind is left on the fruit.

The exclusion of sharp blades also reduces the risk of injury. Plus, it results in large, uniform slices of rind, which you can use for other recipes.