Celebrity chef Alton brown posing
Alton Brown's Secret Ingredient For Glamorous Sangria

Renowned chef Alton Brown has discovered a secret ingredient for making sangria: Cheerwine, a carbonated drink with wild cherry flavoring known as the "Nectar of North Carolina.”

Brown states, "Do not ... I repeat, do not use cherry Coke." Only the popular Cheerwine, a southern staple since 1917, will make magic happen in your glass.

The ingredients for Brown’s sangria include a good red wine, Triple Sec (or a similar orange liqueur), brandy, cherry bitters, peaches, mangos, basil leaves, and chilled Cheerwine.

For visual appeal, showcase the drink’s crimson and citrus hues in a chilled glass. Before serving, chill the sangria and add a squeeze of some fresh orange juice.