Alton Brown smiling
Alton Brown's Marker Hack To Securely Cut A Mango
When peeled, mangoes are hard to grip and cut safely. For this slippery issue, celebrity chef Alton Brown uses a clever hack he shared in his "How to Slice a Mango" YouTube video.
After rinsing the mango, use a marker to draw a 1-inch circle at the center of each cheek on the mango's wide sides. Use a peeler to peel all the skin except the circled areas.
Next, cut a small slice from the side without a stem to create a flat surface for the mango to stand on. Stand the mango up, and use the unpeeled circles on each side as grips.
While gripping the mango, carefully slice down one side in an arc around the seed with a sharp knife. Leave the fruit in place to use its grip and repeat on the other side.
Lastly, remove the peel circles from each fillet of the mango. While the makeshift grips help you hold the mango, slicing off the bottom allows it to stand without wobbling.