Alton Brown sitting in a chair speaking
Alton Brown's Designated Cocktail For Bitter Lovers
Chef Alton Brown loves to riff on classic cocktails from a smoky tequila sour to a watermelon Negroni. For bitter lovers, he’s created Brown’s Bitter Truth.
As the name suggests, Brown’s Bitter Truth is heavy on the bitters, with equal parts Campari, bourbon, and vermouth, several dashes of bitters, and an orange twist.
Bitters are made with neutral alcohol flavored with a mix of potent aromatics, such as spices, fruits, herbs, roots, nuts, and flowers, to create a complex flavor bomb.
The best part of the recipe is that depending on your mood you can swap out your bitters for a completely different take on the cocktail.
Angostura bitters are bitter and earthy with notes of licorice, while Peychaud’s are light, sweet, and fruity. The brand Fee Brothers offer a variety of bitters with different flavors.
Once you’ve chosen your bitters, stir together your ingredients in a glass with ice. Feel free to experiment with your ingredients to fit the drink to your tastes.