Alton Brown smiling
Alton Brown Uses A Metal Bowl To Prevent Popcorn From Burning

Television personality and chef Alton Brown suggests using an 18/10 heavy gauge stainless steel bowl that is somewhere in the 6-quart range for perfect stovetop popcorn.

Popcorn's airy and dainty texture makes it susceptible to burning on the stovetop, especially if you cook it in a lightweight vessel that can't circulate heat as evenly.

In a video posted on Food Network's Youtube channel, Brown explains that it's important to keep the bowl moving so the heat is evenly distributed around the kernels.

Add salt and three tablespoons of neutral oil per half a cup of popcorn kernels to the bowl. Wrap it with a sheet of foil and punch a few holes in it to let excess steam escape.

Using tongs, continuously move and shake the bowl on the hot stovetop until the popping starts to subside. At this point, shake it faster to keep the popped kernels from burning.

The exact size of the bowl you'll need will depend on your popcorn needs. As long as it's a thick, heavy gauge bowl, a 3-quart or an 8-quart one can do the trick.