Lemonade in a pitcher next to lemons
Air Fry Your Lemons For Delectably Complex Lemonade
The best lemonade involves blending whole air fryer-roasted lemons to add the bitterness and citrus flavor in the peel, along with a mildly nutty, tantalizing taste, to the drink.
Caramelizing lemons in an air fryer browns their natural sugars, which helps impart a deliciously sweet and toasty flavor to your lemonade, especially if you use the entire fruit.
Slice the roasted lemons, remove the pith and seeds, and toss them into a blender with water and sugar to make a tall glass of lemonade in just a few minutes without any juicing.
It’s best to use lemons with thinner skins, which you can test with a gentle squeeze. Organic lemons grown with natural fertilizers are preferred, as they contain fewer pesticides.
Conventional lemons will suffice, too, as long as you give them a thorough scrub before adding them to the blender for easier lemonade preparation.