Hands using an Aeropress to make coffee
Aeropress Vs French Press Coffee: What's The Difference?
French press and Aeropress coffee-making devices employ significantly different brewing techniques, resulting in differences in the flavor and texture of the coffee they produce.
Both methods involve steeping coffee in hot water. In a French press, hot water is poured over the grounds, while an Aeropress mixes water with grounds in a cylindrical chamber.
Coarsely ground beans work well in a French press because it filters the coffee by pushing down on a plunger. The Aeropress uses a paper filter and is suited to medium-fine beans.
When it comes to quantities, larger French presses can brew multiple cups at once, while an Aeropress typically makes enough for a single cup, although an XL version is available.
The French press’s metal filter allows the coffee’s natural oils to remain, resulting in a richer flavor. Aeropress coffee lacks these elements and offers a lighter, cleaner taste.