Watermelon cut in halves
Adjust Disappointing Watermelon Textures With Flaky Salt
Under-ripe or mushy watermelons can seem a bit dry or unappetizing compared to ripe ones, and their flesh can taste less sweet. However, flaky salt can help with the issue.
Flaky salts, like sea salt or kosher, can effectively boost your melon’s flavor and texture. Ordinary table salt won’t help, and its iodine additives can impart a bitter taste.
Sprinkle a pinch of flaky salt on your watermelon slices and let it sit for two minutes before serving. The purpose of the flaky salt here is twofold, and it works like magic.
Once the salt draws out the watermelon’s moisture, the juices will greet your tongue right on the surface when you bite into the fruit, making the fruit feel juicier in your mouth.
The salt crystals will improve the mushy melon’s texture by imparting some crunch. The salt will also make the melon taste sweeter by providing a savory contrast on your tongue.