Tom Collins cocktail with orange garnish and stainless steel straw

A Stainless Steel Straw Is The Best Gadget For Homemade Cocktails

Stainless steel straws are eco-friendly, durable, and reusable and can be a huge help for a home bar with uses beyond just sipping your drink.

You can use the straw to taste your cocktail by dipping it into the glass, placing your finger over the top, and trapping some liquid. Lift the straw to your mouth and sample it.

A steel straw can also make a garnish. Take a strip of lemon peel, wrap it around your straw, slide the peel off to keep its spiral shape, and place it on the rim of your cocktail.

Straws are recommended as part of the drinking experience and can stir up the mixture of ingredients as you enjoy it and help access any liquid at the bottom of the glass.

After you've finished your cocktail, you'll want to clean your metal straw with a straw brush and hot water to help prevent bacteria from forming inside.