Watermelon and lemon slices against a yellow background
A Squeeze Of Lemon Juice Is All You Require For Next-Level Watermelon
In a TikTok clip, user @swaggy_mo_ squeezes a halved lemon over watermelon chunks and says, "It is so refreshing [...] It's like I'm having a watermelon lemonade," as he eats them.
Primarily composed of citric and malic acids, lemon juice can balance out underseasoned ingredients, like watermelon, and provide more dimension.
Lemon juice's acidity also increases saliva production, which plays a pivotal role in dissolving food compounds so that they can be detected by taste receptors on the tongue.
By increasing saliva production, lemon juice can intensify the flavors of food, which is likely why the TikToker was so enthralled by his watermelon-lemon juice concoction.