Barbecued ribs with glass of whiskey.
A Spray Bottle Full Of Whiskey Will Elevate Your Smoked Meats

While juice or vinegar are popular spritzing liquids for barbequing meat, whiskey is one of the most flavorful options, as demonstrated by TikTok user @sortedfoodofficial.

Whiskey adds sweet and smoky flavors to barbeque. Using whiskey as a spritz can improve the texture of the meat, resulting in tender ribs, brisket, or barbecued pork belly.

The key is to spritz lightly every half hour, but only after the bark has formed. Be cautious not to spray too much, as a light, even coating is sufficient.

Besides creating a moister crust and juicier meat, spritzing meats like brisket with whiskey while they smoke enhances the bark's flavor and color.

Spraying meat with whiskey during cooking can also aid in forming the coveted smoke ring, the pink ring near the surface of cooked meat.