Raw ground beef in a pan with herbs
A Spoonful Of Mayo Is What Your Lean Ground Meat Needs
Adding a spoonful of mayonnaise to lean ground meat enhances its richness and moisture and also serves as a binder in dishes like burgers and meatloaf without altering flavors.
Mayo is essentially oil and eggs with mild seasonings, and its subtle flavor blends seamlessly into the meat, adding juiciness and ensuring it doesn't turn out dry and tasteless.
Simply add one or two tablespoons per pound of raw ground beef. Gently toss the meat with your hands, being careful not to overmix to avoid toughening it, then shape it as desired.
If mayonnaise isn't to your taste, incorporating oil, lard, or bacon grease can achieve similar results by adding essential fat content to enhance flavors in lean ground meat.
Ground beef must contain at least 93% lean meat to be considered lean and is usually made from cuts like sirloin. Less lean cuts, such as chuck, are juicier and contain marbling.