Cup of hot chocolate topped with whipped cream
A Milk Frother Is The Easiest Way To Step Up Your Hot Chocolate Game
When making hot chocolate in a pan, one has to watch over the milk to keep it from burning while also ensuring it warms up enough so the chocolate powder can be mixed properly.
However, if you use a milk frother for the job, the appliance will do the heating and mixing for you, and it’s unlikely to burn the milk unless its interior isn’t properly cleaned.
Pour your milk and hot chocolate powder into the frother's container and serve once the mix is warm. Using the machine and no mixing utensils or cookware also makes cleanup easy.
The convenience milk frothers offer is unmatched, but they can only hold a small amount of liquid, so if you're making hot chocolate for a crowd, you'll have to do it in batches.
That said, be sure to use fattier milk when making hot chocolate in a milk frother. The thick, rich milk will foam up better than skim ones but won’t make the drink feel too heavy.