Spoonful of instant coffee granules being added to a cup of coffee
A Little Cold Water Makes Instant Coffee A Lot Better
Instant coffee can taste bitter, sour, or grainy due to the type of beans used, the freshness of the product, or a poor roasting process. Luckily, a bit of cold water can help.
Amylum, a naturally occurring starch found in instant coffee, acts as a binder and thickener. Adding hot water directly to instant coffee granules solidifies the amylum.
Solidified amylum leads to a chalky mouthfeel — an issue you can avoid by stirring the granules in a bit of cold water until they dissolve and then adding hot water to the mixture.
The cold water gently softens the amylum, resulting in a cup of instant coffee with a smooth flavor akin to freshly brewed coffee made with real coffee beans.