Saba sushi
A Guide To The Different Types Of Mackerel Sushi
A staple in Japanese cuisine, mackerel sushi encompasses many varieties of the nutritious fish, each with its own texture and flavor ranging from subtly sweet to boldly oceanic.
Generic mackerel, or saba in Japanese, is a tender fish with a complex taste. It’s often cured in salt and rice vinegar to preserve it, which adds a sweet, salty, and sour flavor.
Spanish mackerel, or sawara, is a buttery fish with rich umami flavor. Kan sawara, the winter-caught variety, is particularly prized for its melt-in-your-mouth, pale, flaky flesh.
Japanese horse mackerel, or aji, though not a true mackerel, is valued for its light pink, subtly sweet flesh. It’s commonly served with ginger and scallions to enhance its flavor.
Mackerel pike, or sanma, has a gentler flavor and is cherished for its fattiness, especially when caught in the Autumn. It is usually served seared or pickled in vinegar or yuzu.
Mackerel, often overshadowed by the more popular tuna or salmon sushi, is a diverse and adventurous menu option that’s abundant in omega-3s, B vitamins, and protein.