Pile of diferent vegetables
6 Fruits That Are Always Mistaken For Vegetables

Many of the foods that are culinarily classified as vegetables are actually fruits. Botanically speaking, fruits grow from the flowers of plants and contain seeds.

While the U.S. Supreme Court may have ruled that tomatoes can be subjected to vegetable taxes in 1893, they have seeds and grow from flowers, which makes them fruits.


Eggplants grow from the flowers of a plant and contain seeds, and are thus defined as fruits. Since an eggplant grows from the ovary of a single flower, it is also a berry.


Green beans are filled with seeds, and immature ones at that. When the green beans are allowed to dry and mature, the seeds turn into legumes, which are known as fruit products.

Green Beans

Much like eggplants, cucumbers are both fruits and berries. Adding sugar to cucumbers makes them taste vaguely like watermelon, and it’s because they are in the same family.


In addition to being a culinary vegetable, corn is also a fruit and a grain. A corn cob grows from the flowers of a corn plant, and the kernels are classified as a grain.


All peppers, whether they are spicy chilis or mild bell peppers, are fruits since they are filled with seeds and are plucked from flowers.