Hand holding a takeaway Starbucks cup
3 Easy Starbucks Customizations Baristas Love
With ever-changing options and countless "secret menu" drinks that go viral, Starbucks baristas have to contend with very chaotic combinations of syrups, foams, and toppings.
There are some requests that baristas are happy to hear because they're quick, easy, and tasty. Starbucks has shared three drink tweaks that are sure to take your drink up a notch.
Asking for your cup to be lined with caramel sauce is a simple way to sweeten up your beverage, and it
looks cool, too.
They also recommended a matcha cold foam, which adds a beautiful color, creamy texture, and earthy flavor.
Lastly, ask for a ristretto shot of espresso in your drink. They are made with less water and a more concentrated coffee flavor.
None of this is to say that baristas don't enjoy customizing drinks. Some "complicated" drink ideas from customers end up making a profit for Starbucks when they go viral.