Watermelon slices against a blue background
2 Ways You Could (And Should) Eat Fried Watermelon
You may fancy your watermelons sliced, turned into juice, blended into a smoothie, or in a salad, but while it may sound unusual, frying them can yield equally sapid savory treats.
The first approach is to pan-fry marinated melon slices on the stovetop to make chewy "watermelon steaks." Underripe melons are less sweet, so they work better for the savory dish.
Due to their high water content, watermelons can cause splatters as they hit the hot oil, so be sure to pat them as dry as possible and refrigerate them for a few hours if you can.
Top the steaks with balsamic glaze and feta, and serve them with something light, like a basic risotto or a citrus dessert. Some crunch can add a nice contrast to the chewy steaks.
Another method you can try is deep frying them in a batter for a sweet or savory treat. You can experiment with various kinds of batter, but a citrusy beer batter won’t disappoint.
Try not to overcrowd the pot with too many pieces or you’ll end up with greasy slices lacking that deep-fried glow. You can also use a Dutch oven or wok instead of a deep fryer.
Dust the deep-fried melon slices with powdered sugar when serving them as a sweet treat. For a savory variation, consider serving them with a spicy chili dip or a yogurt tzatziki.