Named for the summer hit movie of 2008, this pineapple pot-laden cake will turn your life upside down, much like what happens to the stoner protagonist played by Seth Rogen. His character, Dale, witnesses a murder, and in a panic, he leaves a roach of the namesake Pineapple Express herb behind. The murderers find this uniquely scented clue, and set off on a manhunt, looking for the witness by tracing the dank weed back to its source, weed dealer Saul, played by James Franco.

This sparks a madcap stoner buddy action/comedy adventure that went on to gross more than one hundred million dollars worldwide. While there’s no real strain named Pineapple Express, there are several pineapple-named varieties in existence, including Pineapple Punch from Flying Dutchmen Seed Company. You’ll surely need a super-special kind of herb to give this cannabis cake its trademark fruity aroma.

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