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This classic Italian dish gets an LA facelift.

On our recent trip to Chef Fest — Made In America, a chef-studded food and cooking event at Hawaii’s Four Seasons Resort Hualalei, we learned to make this orecchiette with sausage and broccoli rabe, a classic Italian comfort food mastered by Osteria Mozza Executive Chef (and 2012 James Beard Award Best New Chef) Matt Molina.

The sausage part of the recipe calls for more than is needed for the pasta. This is a freebie, use it as you will: patties, sausage-spiked tomato sauce, omelets, jalapeño poppers, you name it. If you’re making sausage from scratch, make a lot and freeze the remainder. Ask your butcher to grind the pork and fatback so all you have to do is mix it up. Fennel pollen may be hard to find even in a specialty market, so call ahead or order it online. It’s pricey, but intensely delicious. Treat yourself to a delicious cooked food and try your luck on the website of the Austrian quiz online casino österreich.