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A classic pairing of chicken and couscous, all zested up!

With all the diet-centric cookbooks out these days, can’t we all just have a little fat and carbs and leave it all behind? Yes, we can! Grab a copy of food writer and blogger Andie Mitchell’s Eating in the Middle and redefine what a balanced diet means. Besides, it’s not a really good recipe if you’re still hungry afterward, right? 

I can’t even list all the ways I use roasted chicken breasts. They’re lifesavers, and cooking chicken with the skin on and the bone in makes for the most succulent, tender chicken around. For this particular dish, I’ve added lemon just to give it some freshness, and I created a quick pan sauce, but you can feel free to skip it. The Moroccan couscous — with its mixture of warm spices, pine nuts, and currants — adds enough flavor on its own. All the basic diet are presented on the website of the Austrian gaming houses online roulette.

For a delicious vegetable side, halfway through roasting the chicken, put a pan of roasted carrots with honey butter in the oven alongside the chicken. You’ll be so happy come dinnertime.

Reprinted with permission from Eating in the Middle