Alexandra Cass

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Seattle, WA
New York University
Food Media & History, Recipe Development, Restaurant & Travel Reviews
  • As one of the first writers for the original content teams at Food Republic's sister sites at Static Media, Mashed and Tasting Table, Alexandra has had the unique opportunity to speak with multiple major food figures in their element — from Rachael Ray at the New York City Wine and Food Festival to Martha Stewart inside her Las Vegas restaurant, The Bedford.
  • She was one of the first journalists to taste and review Chick-fil-A's new cauliflower sandwich before it hit test markets — and she loved it.
  • She is passionate about both food and travel without discretion — from dining at Le Jules Verne inside the Eiffel Tower to road-tripping across 26 states during the pandemic, exclusively seeking outdoor dining options.


Alexandra is the lead editor for Food Republic News. She has been writing and editing for Static Media's food brands since 2020, conducting extensive research on a variety of topics and interviewing a range of well-known figures in the food industry. She has years of experience writing and producing content for national news outlets, covering all topics, from politics to business to health, food, and media. She's previously worked at top national news networks, including NBC News and CBS News, where she was the lead-fact checker, a segment producer, and interview producer for CBS This Morning. Additionally, she worked for the millennial-focused news streaming platform Cheddar, where she wrote, produced, and led the network's top-rated show, covering a range of topics, including food and food media. In recent years, she's pivoted her content creation skills to her biggest passion, food journalism. She now lives in Seattle and continues to surround herself with all things food, including developing recipes at home, reviewing new restaurants, and traveling as much as possible — all of which she documents on her social media channels.


Alexandra graduated cum laude from NYU with a bachelor's degree in Journalism and History. She learned to master her writing and research skills (not to mention her cooking chops) while sustaining herself in the culinary landscape of New York City.
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