Everyone loves a good burger experience. To order a burger is a treat. At fast casual spots like Oh My Burger in Gardena, California, the signature offering is the Big Homie. It’s a double patty with thick bacon, cheddar cheese, and fixins. Customers love the juicy burgers, the crisp fries, the delicious shakes. But do they love waiting to order while the staff takes orders over the phone? Or finding out that their desired item isn’t available that day?

Big Homie burger
The Big Homie from Oh My Burger.

Enter Jess Rowland, the Ace of Service. In this episode of the digital series from Marcus Entertainment, Jess visits Oh My Burger and meets with its owner Brandyn and its staff. Things get off to a slightly rocky start. But Jess has the road map to improvement. Will the Oh My Burger team follow his advice and improve the burger experience? Watch this episode of Ace of Service to find out!