Remember that episode of Seinfeld? What are we saying, of course you do. George didn’t get his turkey chili (or his extra bread) aaaand something about the Soup Nazi’s old dresser. Here’s a quick recap:

The Washington Post reports that Robert Bertram, CFO of Soupman, has pleaded guilty to tax evasion charges. Soupman is the company behind the decades-old West 55th Street stall that licensed the likeness and recipes of original Soupman Al Yeganeh for use on Seinfeld. Bertram faces up to 2 1/2 years with no soup…or maybe large, frequent helpings of soup-based bullying. Here are a few examples of what he’s potentially up against:

“Imma turn you into cream of Bertram soup.”

“If you didn’t commit tax evasion, you wouldn’t be laksa’d up.”

“You’ve got some soup on your white collar (crime)”

And the least likely but also zingiest:

“Don’t be a snitchyssoise.”

Hey, if we were behind one of the most iconic episodes of one of the most famous TV comedies in history, we’d probably try to pull a fast one on Uncle Sam, too.

Editor’s note: As a fellow resident of W. 55th Street who depends on The Soup Man’s chicken tortilla soup to get through the winter and gazpacho to get through the summer, I am markedly disappointed.