For Moby, music and political activism have always gone hand in hand. Last week the famously genre-defying songwriter, producer and DJ released his 13th album, These Systems Are Failing. The project, recorded with a group of vocalists he dubbed the Void Pacific Choir (from a letter penned by D.H. Lawrence) is a punk-forward dance-rock delight. Accompanied by one of his signature manifestos, this time performed underwater, the album is the polar opposite of his last one, a four-hour collection of untitled ambient tracks he wrote for meditation and sleeping. So if meditation and sleep aren’t doing it for you just now, songs like “The Light Is Clear in My Eyes” and “Are You Lost in the World Like Me?” might just have the kick you need.

Moby’s previous albums, particularly Everything Is Wrong and Animal Rights, include inserts that focus heavily on…well, everything that’s wrong and animal rights. His political writing, found within a large portion of his sizable discography and both his books, dedicate a lot of real estate to the causes.

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The video for “Are You Lost in the World Like Me?” depicts the mindless hoovering of cheeseburgers and fries (the ketchup bottle reads “These Systems Are Failing”) and animated folks robotically Instagramming their restaurant meals as a crowded truck of feed animals drives by. Then someone actually kicks a puppy. There are butt implants, selfies, an internet bullying suicide and a box of new and improved “These Systems Are Failing” cereal. Moby is finished with everyone’s shit, folks. Read it, weep and have some hummus.

Moby’s These Systems Are Failing was released on October 14 on Little Idiot and Mute Records. Buy it on iTunes and Amazon.