Take a break and have a drink, whether it be a glass of blue wine or a sniff of iced coffee perfume. You’ve probably earned it. Some developments in the wine world are driving some cats catnip crazy and a Mexican beer–inspired “garage lager” is ready to rock.

Wine o’clock is right meow

Natural wine is all the rage right now, and the people at Apollo Peak want your cat to get in on it as well, according to Mashable. The Colorado-based company brews non-alcoholic, “all-natural cat wine” with organic catnip and beets. You can choose from the red (Pinot Meow) or the white (Moscato, although we think the Moscato really should’ve been named the Meowscato), which can be found on their website. Your cat has probably had a long day of doing nothing — it deserves a glass of vino.

This wine looks like it blue itself

Speaking of wine trends, a Spanish winemaker thinks blue wine is the new rosé, according to Time. Bluer than blue raspberry Kool-Aid, Gïk is produced in different regions of Spain, but with “no denomination of origin,” the website states. Through some mad scientist methods, pigments from the grape skins are mixed with red and white grapes to create the indigo and anthocyanin pigments that are used to make the wine blue. The 11.5 percent ABV wine was created by a bunch of 20-somethings with no prior winemaking experience and is currently only available for purchase in Europe.

Eau du café

If you’ve ever wanted to smell like iced coffee, you can thank Britney Spears for releasing her new perfume, Private Show, which has everything you’re looking for. The eau de parfum also has hints of nectarines, white flowers and dulce de leche. This will be Spears’s 20th perfume, according to the New York Daily News.

Pitch Perfect Pairing: Music + Beer

In between Brian Wilson’s and Sufjan Stevens’s sets at Chicago’s Pitchfork Music Festival in July, you can sip Twin Peaks (not to be confused with the ’90s murder mystery show created by David Lynch) and Goose Island’s collaboration, Natural Villain. According to Paste Magazine, the “garage lager” was inspired by the band’s favorite beers, Modelo, Pacifico and Sol. Goose Island has collaborated with Chance the Rapper and Sharon Van Etten for past Pitchfork fests.