To “julienne” a type of food means to slice it into the shape of a skinny little matchstick. Julienned foods aren’t just classy; they’re also a convenient way to get kids and other picky individuals to eat some zucchini or broccoli without facing the textural issues that tend to dissuade them. Give ’em a light sauté to make a great side for a fish fillet, or stir them up into a simple pickled salad to lend tang and color to your rice or noodle bowl.

Chefs julienne vegetables so they cook evenly, and to make restaurant-worthy slaws and sides. But as anyone who’s tried it will tell you, julienning with a knife alone can wear your patience something awful. No more of that! Next time you’re looking to slice up a bunch of veggies at once, try this two-step trick — courtesy of our friends at ChefSteps — for painlessly whipping up sticks on the fly and get creative with all sorts of garnishes, salads and easy side dishes! Check out the instructional video below.

What you’ll need:
A mandoline
Your favorite knife
Food ready to embrace its matchstick-sized density

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