Buzzfeed recently ran a story headlined “19 Melbourne Cafés That Are Taking Avocado Toast To A Whole New Level.” McDonald’s in Japan just added avocado toast to its menus. It was cited by many as the trend of 2014, and then a backlash led to many claiming that it was OUT in 2015. And yet it’s still here! Hell, even we got in on the act, tapping chef Jamie Bissonnette just a few weeks ago to pair avocado toast with another trendy foodstuff, the spreadable sausage ‘nduja. (Though we stand by — and salivate over — the recipe.)

Boston chef Tim Maslow has now weighed in with what may be the final word on avocado toast. In an interview for our New Chefs Rising series, the 31-year-old makes a quite involved grilled avocado salad dish that he suggests is a reaction to the toast-based trend, going so far as to wonder, “I don’t know why you would pay for an avocado toast at a restaurant. Just go buy good bread and buy an avocado and put the shit together.” For his mini-rant on the subject — which is really on point; you go to restaurants in part to try chef creations that you can’t make at home — as well as a clever tip for getting more flavor out of an avocado, scroll through to the 2:30 mark. You may never order avocado toast again.