I cannot possibly be the only one who won’t go near a cookbook with the word “dump” in its title.

Perusing the vast and wonderful world of this season’s cookbooks, I stumbled upon an alarming number of these terribly worded tomes, volumes with titles that might as well be Serve This Shit to Your Family Whenever, Who Cares? or You Can’t Cook and Won’t Try (And That’s Okay).

For the uninitiated, this whole “dump” cooking genre, if you can even call it cooking, is basically what it sounds like: just dump whatever you have handy into whatever cooking device is lying around and call it dinner. (Watch a video by the original dump cook here.) They’re not exactly recipes, per se. More like anti-recipes.

Yes, they’re quick and easy. Baked chicken thighs with any flavoring, seasoning or combination thereof are easy too. Everything-in-the-fridge fried rice is quick — you can even slide a fried egg on top and Instagram it. Pasta with (doesn’t matter as long as it once crunched) is both quick AND easy. But don’t insult your slow cooker, a valuable kitchen appliance with surprising uses, by indirectly referring to it as a dump machine. Your infant doesn’t like that term of endearment, but your slow cooker flat-out resents it.

There are, in fact, about 15 pages of dump-themed cookbooks on Amazon. Yes, many of them are free of charge on Kindle Unlimited, but they exist, nevertheless. You’ve got The Greatest Dump Dinners in History, The Absolute Best Dump Dinners, Healthy Dump Dinners Diet, Paleo Dump Dinners, Delicious Dump Cake Cookbook for Nut Lovers, Delectable Dump Dinners, Ketogenic Dump Dinner Recipes, Dump Soups, Dump Dinner for Choosy & Busy People, Dump Dinners 2-in-1 Box Set, Healthy Vegan Dumpomatic and The Dumpity Dump Dump Cookdump From Dumpston Via Dumpsville. OK, I made that last one up, but the others are real.

“Crock-Pot” is a nice word. “Slow cooker” even gives you the warm fuzzies. Maintain a little dignity regarding the one meal of the day that gets any respect nowadays. We microwave freezer breakfasts and look wistfully at our sad desk lunches. Let’s not get dumped after all that.