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Nose-to-tail, people. Nose-to-tail. It may be the trendiest dang thing to say, but it looks like it’s time to reexamine the humble origins of this restaurant buzzword. Nose-to-tail never really meant “fancy sweetbreads” or “cured lamb belly BLT.” It meant every other part you never intended to eat, all in the spirit of making the most of the animal and feeding the most people, not the bottom line. Sam Nutter and Victor Wagman of Copenhagen’s Bror restaurant whipped out their proof on MAD Monday’s “Trash or Treasure” panel at the annual MAD Food Symposium in Copenhagen. 

Procure a bull’s bits and follow Nutter’s easy instructions for an hors d’oeuvre (amuse-bouche?) that’ll steal the show from those tired thymus nuggets/trotters/other uncommon bits people traditionally enjoy. 

“Basically you take the dick, put it in 5% salt brine overnight. The next day, cook the shit out of it until super-tender, then take all the skin and membrane stuff off until you’re left with pure dick. Roll it in cling film, cool, and then freeze. Slice super-thin and dry out overnight. Puff the slices in hot oil.”

Got it? Great, now let’s make sauce jokes.

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