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Every celebrity, big or small, HBO or internet, frozen food enthusiast or not, has their own "okay, enough of this shit" breaking point. YouTube series Freezerburns' Gregory Ng hit bottom after attempting to review a How To Train Your Dragon 2-themed Kid Cuisine and …just not being able to. He couldn't do it.

"This is disgusting," Ng says, gesturing at the offending packaging, which is actually pretty offensive: nobody needs Viking helmet-shaped breaded chicken product, least of all children. "This is horrible," he continued, "I can't do this anymore," and after 692 episodes — more than 1000 frozen meals — walked off the set/away from the microwave. Forever.

Check out the full story at Adweek, watch the end of an era below, and while we're on the subject of ends of eras: go straight to your freezer and purge it. Purge!

Ng did end up finishing the episode, citing that the macaroni and cheese was so overcooked, "I can squish right through it with my tongue to the top of my mouth. I could gum this and break it down as much as someone with teeth." Kudos to you, former frozen food taster-man. Move on to thawed-out and hopefully fresher pastures. 

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