The Glitch Mob, one of Los Angeles' most widely danced-to electronic groups, features edIT (Edward Ma), Boreta (Justin Boreta) and Ooah (Josh Mayer). Beyond playing shows and festivals around the world, they're also very in tune with what everyone's eating — on tour and in "regular life," as they describe it. This is a band that finishes each others sandwiches. Uh, sentences. And, being from LA and everything, there's a certain somewhat predictable stipulation on their tour rider (and one that's totally out of left field). We sat down before their set at Governors Ball music festival in NYC over the weekend and I really tried my best to not immediately hate on foreign (read: non-New York) bagels. 

What'd you eat when you got into town just now?
edIT: Not much yet, we're waiting to eat here. We had bagels when we landed. 

Who could blame you? The bagels in your city suck.
edIT: Hey. There's a really good bagel spot on Larchmont in LA, a tiny little hole in the wall, with actually good bagels.
Boreta: I used to be a bagel baker at Bruegger's Bagels in Massachusetts. 
Ooah: They're just rings of dough, it's not a big deal.

Stock up before you head home is all I'm saying. Name five restaurants in LA you should go to right now.
Everyone, in perfect unison: Son Of A Gun.
Boreta: And Mozza. Wait, can we go through the Son Of A Gun menu? We go there so often we know it verbatim. Get the lobster roll, shrimp toast…
edIT: Hush puppies with ham.
Boreta: Peel and eat shrimp with mustard sauce and the Italian hamburger for dessert.
edIT: They also have a spicy habanero sashimi, the amberjack crudo. The salmon crudo's good, too. Night + Market Song in Silverlake just opened, that's really good.
Ooah: Squirrel is definitely at the top of my list, it's like a brunch/lunch kind of spot, they do really super-designed eggs.
Boreta: Farm-to-table style. They also bake their own bread which is very, very LA.
edIT: Guisado's tacos. All the tacos are really good there. I've probably had every single one except the tongue. I don't fuck with that.

Your neighbor Rusko fucks with it — we had a nice chat about lengua. What are three things in your fridges right now.
edIT: Right now? Pickled jalapeños and leftover red beans and rice from the weekend.
Ooah: We had a big barbecue for Ed's birthday the other day so we have a lot of leftovers. I made the Son Of A Gun shrimp toast, I found a recipe for it so I have leftovers of that, too.
edIT: I have tons of Korean banchan in my fridge right now. Everything you could imagine, kimchi, fermented spinach, bean sprouts — my girlfriend is Korean, so we keep that stuff around.

If you invented a sandwich called "Love, Death, Immortality," what would be in it?
Ooah: It has to be an epic sandwich.
edIT: There has to be a big pile of arugula to start.
Boreta: Definitely arugula, because that's healthy and that's the love. Then death would have to be, like, pork belly.
Ooah: Yeah, something super heart attack-style.
Boreta: Slow-cooked crispy pork belly on greens with…
edIT: What's immortality? Like what's on every sandwich, ever?
Boreta: Sauce, like special sauce.
edIT: Think In-N-Out special sauce, that shit's immortal.
Boreta: And maybe some bacon, too, cause why the hell not? All on a fresh baguette.
Ooah: Like a po' boy.

Who's another artist you've worked with who's super-into food?
Everyone: Dieselboy.
Boreta: Dieselboy was one of our musical influences growing up, he lives in New York and is friends with Alex Stupak [of Empellon] to the point where Damian [Higgins] got invited to do a nacho battle with him and all these other New York chefs. He didn't win, but that's still pretty awesome. He's like the Splinter Sensei of cooking. 

Which summer music festival has the best food?
Ooah: Well we heard that Governors Ball is supposed to be pretty awesome but we haven't hit the trucks yet. 
edIT: Last time we played Electric Zoo all the food was awesome.
Ooah: So far I think Coachella has the best food. The artist catering was all put together by a famous chef. 

What's the most important thing on your tour rider?
Boreta: We have a big disclaimer at the top of the page that says "buy everything organic and if you don't, don't buy it." We can't live without healthy ingredients and good food. And maybe a little candy.
Ooah: All the promoters pretty much completely ignore that.
Boreta: The thing that stays consistent on there though, is a good rosé. We have to have that.
edIT: Yup, French rosé.

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