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We’re grateful to our loyal readers here at Food Republic. We love hearing feedback about different ways to fry eggs and debating the best places to eat in Nashville over our social media feeds. We’re especially thankful that our readership extends beyond the United States and that we’ve been able to reach a global audience over the past 3+ years.

While our team prides itself on coming from diverse backgrounds and speak a number of foreign languages, there are times when we require just a little translation help while combing through the comments section on our Facebook page. Thankfully, Bing has a handy feature built into Facebook, which allows us to translate any comment with just a click. Unfortunately, the system has flaws. Pretty major flaws. Take a look at 10 of our favorite “translated” comments from our Facebook page over the past month.

1. #ViolentSteaks
Comment: หึหึ ‪#คุณมาทำร้ายฉันทำไม
Translation: Hue hue # why you hurt me – in response to an Omaha Steaks giveaway

2. Ramen s Jazz
Comment: Jazz va un Ramen especial para ti
Translation: Jazz is special for you Ramen – in response to our staff’s favorite meals of 2013

3. Or Does Ramen  $?
Comment: Se le ve muy rico Diego que sea sorpresa si no no me sorprendo jaJa…
Translation: He looks very rich Diego that surprise will be if not I'm amazed me haha… – in response to the above comment

4. That Perverse, Lustful Meat
Comment: Con un chingo de hambre y una cara perversa de lujuria carnica
Translation: With a shitload of hunger and a perverse face of lust meat – in response to a gallery of cheeseburger porn

5. Tasty With A Chance Of No Taste
Comment: น่ามองน่ะ แต่รสชาติไม่อร่อยแน่เลย ลักษณะอาหารแบบนี้
Translation: Were definitely tasty, but no taste at all. This cuisine style. – in response to

6. “Refreshing” Bags Beat Hangovers
Comment: 이런거 다 필요없고 ''상쾌한'' 봉지면 충분하
Translation: This would not need a ''refreshing'' if a bag is enough – in response to an infographic about the best hangover meals

7. Mexico’s BBQ Beer Anchors
Comment: Falto mexico y unos tacos de barbacoa con su cervecita
Translation: I miss Mexico and barbecue with his beer anchors – in response to the hangover infographic

8. Uhh. No Comment.
Translation: DO NOT EAT WELL. YOU WILL RECEIVE YOUR MOTHERFUCKING GAVURLARI BAGIRSAKTAN YAPILIYO KOKOREÇ. – in response to the same infographic, which apparently brought out a rough crowd

9. Cheap Monkeys
Comment: Cô ₫ơn con khỉ ₫ột
Translation: Her $30 a monkey! – in response to different ways to fry an egg

10. Who Ya Calling Sista?
Comment: Amen, sista.
Translation: Amen, last. – in response to a split scallop recipe

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