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Not only does food waste take its toll on the environment, the issue sheds light on the inequalities between the developed and developing worlds. Designer Cecilia Uhr created an educational booklet and video to educate the masses about shocking statistics like this: 1/3 of the world’s food supply is wasted every day. The eye-catching infographics illustrate how much waste we produce. Each page is laid out with a mix of facts, figures and graphics to educate the modern consumer:

A page from Uhr’s educational booklet maps out how and where we’re wasting food.

Using a pastel palette, Uhr keeps the graphics light, airy and crowd-pleasing. After all, the point is to educate, not preach. Her equally engaging stop-motion video, which you can watch below, discusses related subjects like obesity and the global food supply. Now we’re thinking twice about buying that family pack of chicken breasts.

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