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Medium is running Lucky Peach stories on its easy-to-read platform, giving new life to fun reads like Lisa Hanawalt’s “On The Trail With Wylie.”

You may have heard of Medium, the publishing platform launched awhile back by Ev Williams of Twitter and Blogger fame. It's a simply designed way for writers, artists, photographers and others to put out content and find an audience for it. Melanie Dunea runs her My Last Supper series on it. Others use it to promote their books or showcase their wordsmithing. And now, well, this week at least, Medium is teaming with Lucky Peach to feature the seven articles nominated for a 2014 James Beard Award, starting today with Lisa Hanawalt's excellent "On The Trail With Wylie" (Read it here), in which she followed superchef Wylie Dufresne for a day and then illustrated and wrote about it. Whether or not you've read the story in its originally published form, it's worth checking out on Medium. And if you never read it, you should: it's a witty, artful take on the well-worn chef profile. It's filled with hilarious non-sequiturs, like "If Wylie doesn't go as 'Sexy Ben Franklin' for Halloween every year, that's a fucking waste," but it also offers clever explanations of the acclaimed chef's best-known and most out-there dishes. 

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