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Beloved old-person-targeting TV program CBS Sunday Morning does an annual Thanksgiving food special where they commission a bunch of segments highlighting trends and culinary curios around the world. As always, this year was particularly epic, with many of the stories echoing topics we’ve covered on Food Republic. There’s a think piece about the power of kale and a profile of the booming meatball-centric restaurant. Mo Rocca goes long with a piece about pancakes (shout out to Kalamazoo, Michigan!) and we find out once again that actor Kyle MacLachlan has his own winery. There's a love letter to brightly colored macarons and a piece on the exploding interest in mead. And, hey, they made it to Lockhart, Texas too! Here are some of the segments to help you waste time at work this morning:

A segment about the branding of Bastianich 

A segment about holy shit that green vegetable kale

A segment about the art of plating at restaurants

A segment about the marketing of baby carrots

A segment about the rising interest in mead

A segment about the chemistry behind macarons

A segment about pancakes across America

A segment about the tea harvest in China

A segment introducing the world to the 87-year-old Gerber baby

A segment about the booming business of meatball shops